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Taking the Right Vitamins for Your Age

Vitamins are most of the times taken to supplement the need that our body has for the right functioning. Due to imbalanced diets that people regularly have there is always the necessity of giving the body system what it requires for staying healthy and increase its immunity. More than these, vitamins help also with providing the body energy assisting as well to the proper growth. But unfortunately not everybody is aware of the right administration of these vitamins. They must be always taken in accordance to each person’s age.

For instance, babies will require vitamin supplements after they turn 6 months of age. Until this period of time they will get the vitamins from their mother’s breast milk or formula milk. As to the mothers who breastfeed they must take prenatal vitamins on daily basis to make sure that their baby gets the necessary nutrition.

In some cases when babies are discovered to lack the needed vitamins intake pediatricians will recommend vitamin supplements. The vitamins that lack the most with babies are vitamin D followed by C because during this time the child’s brain gets developed and requires the intake of this vitamin. Since vitamin C helps also with the developing of immune system, this is again required by babies.

Moving to the next stage of life, childhood is also the period that requires vitamins intake. Most of the children are reluctant into eating the good foods that will provide the right intake of vitamins, therefore they need to be supplemented with these vitamins. More than this, it is also the time when their body is growing at a faster rate again being a reason for vitamin supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids – EFAs- is most often deficient with children. Since this one helps with a proper functioning of the nervous system it will be helpful to have a daily dose of this vitamin in combination with vitamin C.

As to the other stages of life, we can say that vitamin C is the most commonly met deficiency with people. This can be seen especially when the child has grown into an adult and presents all sorts of health problems, such as anxiety, easiness in breaking their bones, having problems with healing, anxiety issues, as well as low energy. Many people must be aware of the importance of this vitamin C and the role this one plays in the proper functioning of the body system. The problems from above can be easily taken care of if there is a good intake of vitamin C daily.

More than this, vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps with detoxifying the body getting rid also of the free radicals. It is a great support for other vitamins assisting them in properly playing their role within the entire body system. People who want to take this vitamin from fruits must drink around 6 cups of orange juice per day, while those who need more supplementing might resort to vitamin C supplements in combination with a multi vitamin supplements taken on daily basis.

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